2010 is my H year


Sep 13, 2007
Unexpectedly, between a trip to Guam, to Switzerland and to Milan,Italy, I suddenly am the owner of 3 H bags !!! Most extravagant year of my life! Just to share here's the pics of 2, and the first was an orange evelyne pm.:yahoo:

Oops wont upload, file way too big. Ill try again later.

My new baby is a pink swift jypsiere - the small one, is it a 24? So creamy soft and bubble gum yummy, great casual and nite out bag, small but roomy for daily needs, can be worn shoulder and messenger.

And of course, the crowning glory, a JPGII Birkin in wearable blue jean clemence with palladium hardware. Great coz its shoulder carry and very roomy for travel and daily use.