2010 Balenciaga Papier Tote dilemma


Jan 15, 2009

Could use some opinions from people on the bbag forum.

Yesterday I just purchased at holt renfrew a new 2010 Balenciaga Papier A4 Tote.
It's GREEN (from spring 2010 I think) and when I touched the leather...it was sooo soft that I swear my heart melted....(i sound crazy :smile:).
It was perfect for what i'm looking for...something super light weight which fits alot and low maintance.
I own a light color GGH City and I find it beautiful but heavy and the leather high maintance.

However, when I took it home, I noticed that the inside pocket had stitches coming out...the 2 seperate pocket area was would turn in to one pocket eventually.

Now, I know that this is the last Green one, and at the store I tried to love the black one or the milky Black glitter one, but i don't own one black bag and black isn't me.

Has anyone had any Bbag repaired at Holt (do they send it out to Balenciaga? and I would have to wait weeks for it back?)

Anyone have a Papier Tote and can comment on how they feel about the bag. I don't see many people buying it, is it because there's some defect (small handle? leather?) which I have yet to discover?

Going to go to Holt in 2 hours so any help would be appreciated.

Apr 24, 2006
I'd just check and see if Holt can have it repaired for you, I know that Saks arranges for repairs, it probably shouldn't have to be sent back to Balenciaga just for a repair on the lining.


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Oct 1, 2008
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I saw the papier bags IRL just the other day and I must say I LOVE the leather. It's thick and chewy and feels more durable than the regular agneau ones. I hope you can get it repaired. Good luck!:smile: