2009 Poupre

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  1. Ladies, I just purchased a preloved 2009 poupre city! It was an impulse buy! I am looking forward to getting it!

    What are your thoughts on the color?

    What color undertones does it have?

    Owners: do you find that it matches most outfits?

    Here is a pic of what I purchased :smile:

  2. That city is beautiful! I could be mistaken, but it does not look like poupre to me. I have seen poupre, and it seems like it was a "purplish-red". I don't know which red your purchased, but I love it!
  3. Lovin life- I thought the same thing, but the title said poupre... I love the color though. I think it looks like Sang. Hmm...
  4. It is a much prettier red than poupre. Good for you! Honestly, I love it!
  5. Thank you! I'm excited to get it!