2009 is Hermes Year of....?

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  1. I feel silly asking this but what is the theme this year?
  2. Travel. That is why the cadena looks like a little suitcase. I find this very ironic since people are not traveling as much because of the economic situation.
  3. Thanks GK...Ironic indeed! It will be interesting to see how all the designs tie into travel...I guess most anything can.
  4. ...... "The Beautiful Escape".... "l'echappée belle"
  5. ^^Travel sounds so much better when Rose says it en francais :smile:
  6. Ooh, GK, I think so too! I love that idea of the Beautiful Escape. That's how I feel when I walk into an H Boutique.
  7. So true!
  8. Love it, the beautiful escape...