2009 Fall HH RAOK


coffee junkie
Mar 2, 2009
yay anna! And jenni and jan and tonij too! Katheid its "random act of kindness" - i am not sure exactly what it entails but I am SO up for it!!!!

ETA thanks tonij for starting this!


Luvs Leather
Mar 21, 2007
I am new to the forum so what exactly does "HHH ROAK" entail?
Basically it's like a secret santa. Everyone submits info to a website and it draws a name for you and on or before the due date you send your Random Act of Kindness to your selected person. It's a lot of fun and it doesn't have to be expensive at all. There are rules that other we've used in the past as well as other subforums but generally I remember...

Must be an active regular on subforum
Minimum of 6 months tpf membership
Minimum 500 post count
Spending gift limit and minimum
Must ship by deadline with tracking
Must post pics of your gift within specified amount of time
Must have FUN!