2009: A Men's Year

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  1. I have been frequently told by a couple of SAs that 2009 is definitely a men's year and that they will be stocking larger bags and more neutral tones for their inventory. For example, they told me they didn't plan to order Vert Fonce Fjord but knowing that I am interested, they will tick the box when they see such option in Paris. So I guess we can expect to see neutral colours and bigger bags in 2009? Although Fjord in Vert Fonce is a neutral colour IMO - I wonder if they thought I wanted togo/clemence (which is brighter and louder)? Oh No!!!! The SA only acknowledged it but didn't take notes!!!
  2. Thats a big yeah for us!
  3. I think Hermes have really been making efforts lately with the men's inventory (especially the bags!)

    Here's hoping this continues to be a success!!
  4. Yay! But...that is going to murder my wallet...
  5. What happens if husbands and boyfriends start to get addictive to H. Would it actually help or deter wives/girlfriends from expanding their H babies? :smile: I wonder. One one hand, guys may finally understand why girls are so crazy about Hermes. On the other, guys may start to buy H for their own use and buy less for their partners? But then who need men when there are many independent girls nowadays? :smile: Just a thought.....