2008 Year of India Lotus Cadena

  1. I think stores worldwide are beginning to receive their shipments of Lotus cadenas ... it would be lovely to see your cadenas in action ...
  2. Yay yay yay!
  3. Yay! I'd LOVE to see one!
  4. Are there any photos available of this cadena - did a search and couldn't find one...
  5. Not sure if anyone has seen one yet. Can't wait!
  6. Lotus sounds lovely... thanks for the heads up, mrs s!
  7. I saw a drawing of the lotus cadena and it looks so cute. The other cadena is an elephant that looks so similar to the older elephant cadena. My SM did not order an of the elephant.
  8. Still waiting on mine. My SA has the first one to arrive in Palladium coming to me. Hope its soon!
    We do not even have the 2008 ribbon yet!!
    I told the Store Director while he is at Podium to remind them that it is 2008 in the US also - LOL.
  9. What do they look like? Any pics?
  10. Since I lost my Pegasus cadena I guess I need to get the Lotus! Can't wait to see pics! :popcorn:
  11. Hope it is a flower and not so 3D like the last one. Very difficult to wear in 3D. The best charms are flatter and the ideal to me was the heart!
  12. MrsS, any pictures from you?
  13. YES!:yahoo: I was hoping there would be a lotus cadena! Thanks Mrs.S for the info!!
  14. From the drawing it is a circular cadena with a raised impression of a lotus flower. It looked very smooth and nothing like last years 3D one (which I wonder whether it sold well). It also did not look overly large or heavy IMO.
  15. I cant wait to see some pics!!