2008 Turquoise First?

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  1. Has anyone seen this in Neiman's or Bal NY?

    Many thanks.
  2. NM still has some available. If you're interested in getting it, you should call NM and ask an SA to locate one for you. Tomorrow (um!! I think it's today now...Sat 29) is the last day for 2buy2 promotion.
  3. thanks for the heads up bretiny. any idea which NM and any SA in particular? thanks!!
  4. You can try calling NM in Vegas or Troy as recommended by several members here. Las Vegas # is 1-800-288-7741 ext. 2129 and ask to talk to Jessica. She is nice and very helpful. As for Troy, the number is 1-800-937-6488. I can't remember the ext. #. I think many people here recommended Lisa. So it should be easy to find her direct contact somewhere on the board. But Lisa is super duper busy as she is so famous among TPF members. So you may try Jessica first. Have fun shopping :smile:
  5. Jzlyn, Bal NY doesn't have any at the moment. Not sure if they actually got some in yet? I'm still undecided about turquoise, but I am waitlisted for a first, if u find some can u let me know too? xoxo!
  6. JL i might call NM LV tmr morning (still mar 29 evening west coast time) since i think mar 29 is the last day for the discount. unless someone knows any NM on the east coast that has turqy first!

    will let u know if i can find any info
  7. gosh, why's this 2buy2 promo not available to us here! i want the coral red first. and i have ready funds. anyone wants to make numbers plmk!
  8. Jzlyn, I just talked to my SA and she said that the blue First that she mentioned is in fact the sky blue, not turquoise. Sorry about that. She checked the database, and said NM hasn't gotten the turquoise First yet. They only have sky blue and coral available in First as of now.
  9. here's a hint at what i was told by the nm newport sa...buy whatever you want so you can secure the promo price. then, return it when they get the turq first. it's what i'm gonna do.
  10. Thanks honey!

    I'm going to ring my NM SA too, will let you know if I find anything!