2008 Stanley Cup

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  1. Who else is so so so stoked about the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs?! I mean...besides me obviously! :lol:

  2. My brother is excited for the Devils vs Rangers
  3. I would be if we were in it but, alas, we had a horribly crappy season and did not make the playoffs.
  4. In Dallas..but a huge Colorado AVS fan!! Go Sakic!
  5. Go, Montreal!

    (I didn't see the Leafs on there.)
  6. It's going to be all about the Flames!!!!

  7. The Flames are my 2nd choice so I'm REALLY cheering for them to beat the Sharks.
  8. Another Flames fan here! :yahoo:

  9. LET'S GO PENS!!!!!:woohoo:
  10. Looking forward to the Devils-Rangers. I'd give my firstborn to witness the Devils sweep the Rangers again this year.

    In the west, I'm partial to the Cali teams -- Neider's Ducks (he was my favorite player on the Devils) and the Sharks. But I wonder if Detroit will steamroll everyone or choke.
  11. Oh, and needless to say:

    Let's go Devils (Rangers Suck!)!
  12. Don't hate me Voodoo, but....

    GO DUCKS!!!

    Can't wait til Thursday!
  13. Noooooo!

    Hahaha....it'll be a good series....remember round 2 a few years ago....we lost to you guys in overtime almost every game. I've harbored hate for your team ever since (sorry!)....We'll have to PM each other during the games! :upsidedown:

  14. ^That was the one of the best and most nail-biting series I've ever seen. I couldn't believe the Ducks went as far as they did (no one could!). The 6OT game was nerve wracking!

    And.....you're gonna wanna cover your eyes at what I'm about to say next, but seeing Modano's face when Giguere made that unbelievable skate-blade save on him and seeing him cry in the locker room after the game made my night. :devil:

    It's gonna be a GREAT series!
  15. :boxing:

    I'm looking foward to the Stars winning it!