2008 Spring/The new Spy colours are.....

  1. I have just heard what the new colours are going to be for Spring 2008, Fendi in Sloane st., have just rung they are.

    All bubbly leather:-

    Liliac/purple - this is a dark real purple
    Powder Pink
    Cost £1,200 - $2,400

    they are also are doing these colours, again all leather but each colour will have different beading or tassels or flowers on them
    Powder Pink
    Their is also 2 Blacks coming out, they will have different beading on them.

    I got the impression these bags with beading are going to be on the lines of the Russian Blueberry and the Cognac or Black sequin that came out in 2005 and 2006.

    I am sorry I do not have any photos yet, they are sending me the photos through the post for these bags as soon as I get them will let you know.
    Must get a purple nappa leather one :yahoo:
  2. Thanks for posting this! I can't wait to see pictures, they sound gorgeous.
  3. powder pink :confused1: -- I gotta see that one IRL....

    Sign me up for dark purple :tup:

    Thanks SAICH...can't wait for photos :nuts:
  4. PURPLE!!!!! HOLY COW!!! yeayyyyy! thanks so much for the info Saich!
  5. Yes! The color I predicted is finally coming to fruition! I can't wait to see pics.
  6. Holy moly. That dark real purple sounds delicious. I can't wait for spring!
  7. I can't wait. Thanks Saich!
  8. :drool:
  9. My thoughts exactly. Sounds really pretty!
  10. Ohh! dark purple my favorite color. I cant wait to see.
  11. Brava Saich!!!! The bearer of GOOD news gets lots of hugs and kisses:heart::heart:! It's going to be a Purple Spy feeding frenzy for all of us :smile::wlae:
  12. Can't wait to see your pics!
  13. mmmmm the purple is going to be delish!!! Can't wait!
  14. thanks for the info saich! :tup:
  15. ooo, will the Baby Spy come in purple too?
    I can't believe the store calls you to tell you what's coming in next year, you must be one serious shopper! Looking forward to those pics...