2008 Spring/Summer H bags runway photo

  1. I'm eyeing on the emerald green one which resembles an H lock :graucho:

    (Credit: Apple Daily 2008 S/S Fashion Special Issue, Oct 26, 2007. Hong Kong)
  2. Thank you for sharing!
  3. Gorgeous bags, thank you for sharing! Love the green one!
  4. I came here to say the same thing! I love it!! :smile:
    Thanks for sharing, LuvBirkin. :smile:
  5. Great photos! Thanks!
  6. thanks for the photo. wish there was more pics of this one
  7. ^^Ohmigosh look at those boots!!
  8. Thanks for sharing the pics! Just wondering.. what's that bag (if it even is a bag) in the bottom right corner? I can't make it out :shrugs:
  9. Thanks for the photos.
  10. Here You Go:


  11. yummy eye candy! thanks for posting!
  12. ^Now that's a gorgeous dress!
  13. Thanks for the
  14. thanks for the pics! Love those boots!