2008 Spring Fashion

  1. I wanted to see what you thought would be great to invest for 2008 Spring.

    The style had changed a lot and if you don't want to go all the way with that bright colour look, what would you buy to update your look?

    Those bright purses?
    A bright top or maybe just change your make-up?
  2. One does not need to spend on the latest clothes out on the rack to get into trend... I have many clothes 5-10 years back that is more than considered an "in" style now.

    Color: Blue is the new green (someone else said that)! Metallics is still in but go softer and more muted. Light colors close to white but not stark white.

    Lifestyle trend: The "green" awareness... go natural for every product you use... from make-up to how you live, be "earth conscious". Be in touch of that earth goddess in you... natural, flowing shapes for many styles in clothes.

    Stick to some classics: Plaids, Houndstooth, etc as focus pieces, vests are a must and go for the "schoolboy" 'tomboy" preppy look. Sporty look and the tribal ethnic look is in as well.

    Skirts: Pencils, high waist and the sarong (ethnic touch).

    Still... highlight your waist, empire or the "control waist" look.

    Great link for spotting trends and colors:



    I'm sure if you google search for it, you will find many more links. But these links have been my best companions for the "what to get out of the closet" for that in-trend look coming up.

    My fashion illustration teacher once told me, fashion/trend is just a word... it is the inventors/or the person using the word that puts meaning into that word. Clothes are dead, its the person who knows how to wear it that makes that clothes come alive!

    Cheers for the holidays and enjoy dressing!