2008 Sneak Peak

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  1. [​IMG]



  2. I love this one:
    I've been looking for the perfect grey leather bag!
  3. Me too. It's GORGEOUS! :drool:
  4. wallets are my weakness! noooo
  5. i like the grey from music collection but the other ones (with the exception of the all black one which is okay) :nogood:
  6. OMG! Gray music :nuts: Move over peacock, Gray is taking over!
  7. I've never really been into wallets but I would love to see this in a bag style! Nice detective work! We'll call you Brick Double-Oh-Sevennnnnntyeight instead of Brick78!! :lol:

  8. Love the grey music collection wallet! It's like understated elegance.
  9. i think i will go with the red one!!wooohoo
  10. Wow....not sure how I feel yet....
  11. I was just looking at these again and my son walks in the room and sees the red/orange one and says 'woo-hoo Bengals colors'. LOL
  12. Haha Now THAT'S a way to get a boy interested in LAMB!!!!!!!!!
  13. thanks for sharing brick!
  14. Wow, I love the 1st one! It's so fun. Thanks for sharing!
  15. yep!