2008 reissue ankle bags question...

  1. I saw the pics of the spring/summer ankle bags and one that stood out was the red patent ones...are they making that in a classic flap or 2.55 reissue style bag?

    I would LOVE LOVE to see one in that bright candy apple red patent color!!!

  2. I love these too, do you think it could be used as a wristlet? :tup:
  3. Oh I have never seen these - cant imagine ever wearing an anklet bag. Curious to see the piccies
  4. That's what I thought the second I saw them, I totally think they could be wristlets.
  5. That's what I was thinking. It could be great a work, if you need to carry just a lipstick and keys.
  6. ^^ i meant actually if the candy apple red patent color seen in the ankle bags would come in bigger sized 2.55 reissue or classic flap style bags...like in the 226, 227 size or the medium/large, jumbo sizes....
  7. I was thinking they would look good around a puppy's neck.