2008 Puppy Bowl!!

  1. Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet starts at 3pm EST today! Watch with your best friends!!:party:
  2. Hey, that sounds fun. what is a Puppy Bowl? I'm assuming the puppies don't play football, lol! I'm gonna try to tune in w/ my kitty...
  3. Oh! I remember watching it last year. Hehe, it's really cute but (boring). :lol:
  4. It is very very cute, and yes, it gets boring but I usually watch about 30 minutes of it. It will wash away the blues and make you laugh!
  5. Awww. Yay!
  6. i liked the little brown dog!
    so cute!!
  7. I only watched a few minutes, but it was hard not to smile :lol:
  8. watching it now. Kitty half time show just ended. this is too cute for words.
  9. Oo I missed this tread! I hope it repeats!! I did see the AKC Dog show though. Very cute dogs!
  10. i was watching it for a few mins yesterday. Neeki was in another room and when she heard one of the puppys barking on TV she started barking and crying looking for the doggie....it was so cute she didnt know where it was coming from
  11. I LOVE the puppy bowl. Even my golden's watch.