2008 pricing?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I think I am still a little in the dark about the 2008 pricing...

    Can you let me know, is it all 2008 bags that have gone up in price?

    So, how much are all our fave bag styles now? I mean the First, City, Work, Weekender, Day...you know, all the common styles...Have all the prices gone up? Or is it just the City?

    I am confused...

    If the Weekender prices have increased, does anyone know how much an RH Weekender is going for now?

  2. *If* the prices are going up this year (and I would be surprised if they did not), I do not think they are going up until the F/W collection.
  3. I've been told that everything is going up, the bags by $100 but not sure about the accessories. They will increase in price too but hopefully only proportionally to the bags, not $100 each
  4. How much does the Coin purse cost in the RH and SGH?

  5. I believe, RH: $285 and SGH: $395...?
  6. Thanks aki_sato
  7. really? i bought a CP in GH...it was $345 before tax...