2008 It Bag??

  1. I have been looking around thinking of my next bag.
    I would like to know what other think the IT bag will be
    my vote YSL Majorelle.
  2. Jimmy Choo Saba!
  3. Oh yeah! I vote with you on this beauty. :heart::girlsigh:
  4. The YSL Majorelle is a gorgeous bag! I was just thinking about white bags. This one:tup: is perfect.
  5. Perfect! Gets my vote!:tup:
  6. I don't see white as being a practical color. The bag is stunning but to me it is not a everyday bag or a take to work bag. I think ladies who lunch and shop bag.
  7. I think the next IT bag will be a pink chanel jumbo..out for spring!LOL!(ME WANT!)
  8. Wow, I LOVE that YSL bag. Amazing. Does it come in black? I will have to look into this. :smile:
  9. Saba...Majorelle...Saba...Majorelle ahhhhhh I WANT THEM BOTH!
  10. It really is a beautiful bag!! Good choice!
  11. Do you have any photos of the Chanel bag?
  12. ITA!
  13. :love::drool:
  14. YSL Majorelle and the Prada Fairy bags