2008 in Review: How many Chanel bags did you buy last year?

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How many Chanel bags did you buy in 2008?

  1. Zero!

  2. 1

  3. 2

  4. 3

  5. 4

  6. 5

  7. 6

  8. 7

  9. 8 or more!!

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  1. How many Chanels did you buy in 2008?
  2. I only bought one in 2008! I bought two in 2007...

    Now I have a total of six (three of which I never use) and feel like my Chanel needs are fulfilled... lol
  3. :wlae:I bought 3 last year.
  4. OMG. 14 :faint:

    Banned for LIFE!
  5. I bought 3. I think I am pretty moderate!!:smile:
  6. 2 and to me thats alot
  7. Bad year for me:shame: ... I bought 7 bags but 3 were vintage.
  8. Bought 2 :smile:
  9. I bought 6 bags in 2008 :shame: hoping to buy only half that amount this year...I'd love to buy none/one in 2009 but my willpower when it comes to Chanel is not the best!
  10. I bought 10. :nuts: I sold 3 so actually 7 :P 5 flaps,1 GST & 1 clutch.:heart:
  11. I guess I bought too many last year. Fortunately I sold them all and start again with my collection...I just get bored too easily I guess T^T.
    Bought all flaps... 3 Jumbo classics (white/black and blue perfo); 6 reissues (Dk Silver 07 226/Black stripe 227/Black 2007/Purple/Navy silver h/w 226; Navy black h/w 227) and more for accessories T^T.
  12. 3 here.
    Not planning on buying any this year, but with Chanel, you can never say never!
  13. 5 bags, but sold 2 of them :biggrin:
  14. Only 1, but I am so in love with it, I don't want to make it jealous by purchasing another one, lol!
  15. Probably about 6 or so and as much as I feel my Chanel needs are met, why do I feel compelled to come here and look at Chanel bags all the time! lol.