2008 If you could have 2 mulberry bags which would you choose?

  1. I was just wondering which two mulberry bags would be on your 2008 wishlist.

    I think I would choose a red bayswater and an oak elgin.
  2. I was already thinking of an antony but the Butterfly Audrey is a wish!
  3. Black Bayswater and Mabel (not sure on colour, liking black, midnight and red).
  4. Midnight Mabel and Gunmetal Agyness :love:
  5. Gunmetal Agyness and red mabel!
  6. Eeeeeeeeeeeerrr,let me get back to you on this one!!!xxxxxxxx
  7. I think at the moment I'd like a Joel and an Effie!
  8. I saw a gunmetal Bayswater and east west in the shop window of Boros where l live - they both look fab so l would definately like a bag in this colour also an Agyness as totally different - I love a slouchy look!!
  9. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, may be something in oak. Roxanne or Bayswater or Elgin. Whichever is the best bargain!!!!
  10. Just one for me: Bayswater in ostrich leather.
  11. ok can i have 3???

    chocolate Joel
    Oak Effie or Oak bayswater
  12. Dito. Its lovely :tup: and the only bag i need
  13. I STILL don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. This is a tough one, but I guess an Oak Brynmore and an Elgin in black maybe... don't really know. My wishlist at the moment is Anthony and Brynmore, and I'm getting the Anthony in time for Christmas!:yahoo:
  15. midnight mabel and a mushroom agyness (still hoping for the oak antony for crhistmas)