2008 H Brown Ribbon

  1. Looks like there are 2 versions of H brown ribbons. Would be interesting to see if there are more than these two. I wonder what is the ribbon in Japan like?
  2. Just last week the Madison Avenue store (in NYC) was still using the 2007 ribbon. :weird:

    I wonder if they've been instructed to finish using all old ribbons.
  3. My most recent purchase had the plain ribbon :sad:
  4. PB - no, they don't dispose of the old ribbons, at least for the jakarta branch.

    LOL they were using 2002 ribbons!

  5. :shocked: Well, most items from Hermes never go out of style. And in this case, it includes the ribbon.

  6. mrss, my purchases from japan had the ribbons you posted!
  7. My recent purchase had plain ribbons too! Come to think of it,I don't remember getting the 2007 ribbons from them either....I wonder why....
  8. mrssparkles: my ribbon says: Fantasies indiennes Indian Fantasies Fantasies indiennes (and so on) :smile:

    so probabely there's only one ribbon but with two languages on it?
  9. Does this mean an unveiling soon, pazt?! :nuts:
  10. Yes, my ribbon from last week (London Bond St store) has the 2 languages on.
  11. Last week they still used classic plain ribbon at FSH :yes: !!