2008 GM agenda refill

  1. Can anyone tell me the price for the refill and also the carmencita? Also what color carmencitas have you seen at your store? Thanks bunches!!:tup:
  2. Have you tried looking at Hermes online?
  3. No, I need the one that has a week on 2 pages...not a page for each day.

    Thanks for the link, though!!!
  4. Is it the vision one? the one that is about the size of a checkbook?
  5. Well, I cant find my receipt....if it is that one, it is around $80, I think....dang, sorry clink....

    though maybe its best I cant find the receipt anyway, I really get woozy when I revisit my H purchases, LOL!

    Is it this?

    Also, I think the carmencitas are 75 and 90???? about???? Not sure about the tiny one though...there are three different sizes.....
  6. It's not that one either...maybe I'll take a pic of the 2007 one I have and post it..
  7. don't know which size mine is...I'd say it's about the size of a passport...not wideth obliviously. The refill for a week on 2 pages was $75.00. Of course, I purchased the refill in November...