2008 Floral Print Motorcycle bags *Photo requests*

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  1. There were these pics of the floral bags

    There are 4 fabric leather combos and i only have 3 pics!!! :cursing: I need the turquoise one for my SANITY!
  2. OK so i just realized there are more than 4 colour leather combos.

    The Green (Vert Thyme) pic is not on the chart. Which make me think there is a fabric to go with every colour of leather.

    Does anyone have a pic of the complete leather/fabric swatch chart? And a complete set of the pics with the runway/leather swatch. Above it what I have so far.

    I really need your help and I would like to accurately document these bags. And again for my SANITY.

  3. If I call BalNY will they email me the pics I am after?