2008 flap colours in store?

  1. Hi Guys,
    I am just wondering when the 2008 new flap colours going to be in store?

  2. i'd love to know this too!

    praying for red*
  3. Hi tuing,

    I'm not sure how accurate this info is, but I spoke w/ the Chanel rep. on their customer service line, and he said that the Spring 2008 Act I flaps begin to come out in January to February, while the Act II flaps begin to come out from March to May. I'm not entirely sure what colors are in each Act, but I hazily remember him mentioning that the purple is in Act I. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. I have beem dreaming of a red jumbo...
  5. the metallic purple reissue is definitely in Act I.
  6. thanks guys. Been visiting the chanel store at my city and the only colour that they have is black.
  7. Seems their timing is off. If the new colors were released in time for the holidays, price hike or not, there'd be some way vibrant, new Chanels to celebrate the holiday season.
  8. My SA said they probably wouldn't have anything in the way of colors until late Jan/early Feb when I spoke with her a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, she didn't mention a red jumbo in there.
  9. Whats Act I and Act II?

    You mean Spring Collection and Summer Collection?
  10. Metallic bronze reissue is in Act I ... can't wait!
  11. Understand from my SA, he said there will be red flap in different styles expecting in Jan
  12. what's act I??

    late jan/early feb is PERFECT!! i will be off my ban~
  13. The collection comes out in Acts.

    So it's sorta like how Balenciaga divides their season into pre-collection and collection.
  14. can't wait~
  15. Red jumbo *drools* I want one so badly.
    I just bought a med black classic but I want a new one already :sad: