2008 Coach Bag?

  1. Um... I don't know about the bag, but I hope she is telling the truth for that price!
  2. to tell the truth, I think it's ugly and not worth near that much! and I really hate when people try to sell nice bags but take lousy pics!!! but, that's just me......

    I wonder if that's true, that seems like a long time away!

    :shrugs: :boxing:
  3. yeah, why didn't she take more pictures of this bag?? Clearer pictures too. I'm not paying 1500.00 for a bag i can barely see. I'll wait until 2008!!
  4. i'm gonna wait too - lol !
  5. Holy schnikeys!! That is insane! :wtf:
  6. it looks a lot like the pyton hobo released eariler this fall? it was in the back of the instyle...can't remember the month.

    if it is what she says to be and she 'got' it through a celebrity it could be the real deal

    now i'm curious and most likely will look it up.

    i just wonder if it is pyton...could explain the price, but then she/he should know california is restricted.
  7. hmmm interesting. but i don't really like the bag....
  8. I'm 99% positive it's the python hobo from last summer, one of my best customers ordered it in silver last year. We referred to the white as a baseball, so it looks the same.

    I messaged the buying, but like I said unless they redid the same bag and tweeked it a little as last years- it's old.
  9. eBay needs a report on that Seller, that is just insane!!!!
  10. I emailed her too. I asked her for the style number. LOL

    I SERIOUSLY doubt she is friends with an A-List celeb and got this bag as a gift. LMAO. Especially if it isnt even a 2008 bag!!

  11. Looking at the creed with a magnifying glass, I'm calling it a big fat fake. The Coach logo at the top of the creed looks like it says more than just Coach, there's no visible serial number I can see unless it's a tiny one on the left side of the patch - and why would a pre-production bag even HAVE a price tag? Especially one with the price part torn off like they do in the stores? Also the name Coach on the outside of the tag is a bit too small and not centered correctly.

    The seller is lying like a rug.
  12. It's an okay handbag. I would not fork out the money for it.
  13. Has the seller responded to anyone yet? This thread has me interested..:popcorn:
  14. I'm interested in what she says, too ... looks shady to me though!