2008 Classic sac Rabat flap

  1. I don't know. I love the color- but not the style. Mmm, I don't know. Maybe it could grow on me? :p



  2. I have this one and it is also called a "rabat" on the box. Too funny!

  3. I fell in love with this bag from the Saks catalog which made it look "red" but when I got it, not really liking it. I exchanged it for the red hidden chain flap.
  4. i think i agree.....the color is great...the style i'm not too fond of though..
  5. rabat is on a lot of the bags, it means envelope flap.

  7. Oh my GOD! I love this! How did I miss it when it came out? That clasp :drool:! Has this been sighted anywhere recently?
  8. This is my x'mas gift "Walk of Fame" Flap in Coral :p
    Walk of Fame.jpg
  9. PS- I LOVE this bag in black too!
  10. Cute, but if you don't LOVE it, don't keep it.
  11. Hmm....IMHO, it is too vertical.....

  12. I think your bag looks much prettier! :yes: Idk, maybe it's the light? Sorry, that's what I saw that it was called. Thanks for telling me though!
  13. OOOHHH! I LOVE this bag! It's tdf. :yes:
  14. Ohhhh Maxter S~ You know how I feel about all your bags! I love that chevron flap, so beautiful!
  15. I love ur bag Maxter it's so pretty.
    My classic Black double flap says rabat on it too...