2008 Black/White Floral GSH City

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  1. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone knew if this pattern was being made in other styles. I saw the Barneys book and it said exclusive so I didn't know if it was only that store that would have the pattern. The info is much appreciate.
  2. Thanks for posting. :smile:I got that catalog too and i was going to post the picture but you beat me to it.:P
  3. Love the toille look of it!
  4. I'm not a fan of the floral but when I saw this on the catalog cover yesterday I was intrigued. It's pretty but I wouldn't spend the $$ on it
  5. Funny aside about this pic:

    My husband saw this catalog yesterday before I got home and greated me at the door by saying "Do all Balenciaga bags cost this much?!"

    My response: GULP!
  6. this pattern is exclusive to Barney's only - no other store will carry it. at least it's a bit edgier then the color floral one floating around :sad:
  7. :roflmfao:... & your response.." OF COURSE NOT... it's because it has a pattern on it... :sneaky:.

    Darn, he's starting to catch on ahertz!! j/k...:P

    thanks for posting LoLa... it's pretty...a lot nicer than the hot pink and green prints out there~! ;o)
  8. what a cute bag, usually I don't like the floral pattern, but this one looks nice!
  9. Yikes! You almost got caught there huh.......hope he believed you!!
  10. that black floral design is a lot prettier than the colored ones! nice nice
  11. thanks nicole. i was just wondering if they made/will make it in a day. i would love a gsh day.
  12. Yes, pattern is very expensive..LOL
  13. I'm in the great white north, so NO Barneys. Boo-Hoo *sniff snifff*
    What is the price tag on this baby?
    Esp to have ahertz's hubby say that!! I understand you though b/c I'm always running outta rooms when I know questions about the price of my bags are about to come!!! LOL!!!
  14. I don't care much for the floral range but I like this! Thanks for posting.
  15. Hmmm, I think I like it...but better if they came in RH maybe? :shame: