2008 Black Metallic Reissue call ~ want it?

  1. Anyone interested in a black metallic reissue? It's 12" L x 7-1/2" tall... price $2850.

    PM me and I'll give you the info. I have it on hold until tomorrow. I'm holding out for another color.....................
  2. Got any photos?

  3. *Freetoes* please let us all know when you get the call about the "other" colors so we know they are becoming available. I'm going to call my SA the minute I get back from my ski vacation to check up, TIA!
  4. is that a 227?
  5. that's exactly what I asked my SA! Sadly, it appears Chanel has done away with the "226", "227" numbers for the new reissues. Now we will have to rely on measurements. I would check the reference section and see what the measurements line up with to be sure.
  6. My SA estimated the new sizes and here's the info he gave me:

    Size similar to 226 = Style# A37587 $2,695
    Size similar to 227 = Style# A37590 $2,850
    Size similar to 228 = Style# A37591 $3,495 (I'm assuming by the price it's the larger 228 from 2007)
  7. Thanks for the info ~ that helps a lot. The retail is $2850, so according to the above, it's the 227 sizing. This is a new reissue that just came out, not from last year. I am holding out for the purple and hope it arrives quickly!
  8. I sure will! I knew they were coming in December, but right after Christmas is really bad timing......
  9. I'm pretty sure it is a 227 by the measurments.
  10. Wow they are coming in already!! Can't believe it. I hope members get their reissues soon so we can all see the beautiful pics!
  11. Im interested!:yes:
  12. Uh-oh--me too : )
  13. im very interest !! do u still got it? .is it the silver or gold chain ?
    ..please mail me back