2008 Baguettes..At what cost?

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  1. Hi there.....I have searched and searched these posts.....but cannot find the answer..Does any one have any idea what these new baguettes are going to cost?
    They look like candy to me! Good enough to eat!

  2. Hi, no ideas, rumors?
  3. I'm pretty sure that I read in a magazine around $995 for this size? (Since there are other baguette styles debuting for the anniversary...) I think this is how much it costs because I really wanted one before the SATC movie. LOL

    -Maybe another more well knowledged Fendi PF-er can give a better idea.
  4. Do you mean they are showing one of these candy colored baguettes in the movie?:confused1:
  5. Oooh I just love that picture, so colourful ! These are really cute.
  6. Love the green and the yellow, though the silver and black are nice as well.
  7. Are they fabric or leather do you think?
  8. Fendi also have the shoes in this bright yellow on NAP, they are flats.
  9. lov2shop, I'm pretty sure they're quilted leather?

    AND, I don't know if these exact baguettes will be in the SATC movie, but I do remember seeing pics of SJP w/ the larger baguette clutch (that's also a 10th anniversary edition).

    -I just want one because I missed out on the SJP/SATC craze in it's heyday (I was barely in high school, and probably NOT an appropriate age to be watching SATC. LOL) So when I started catching up on DVD's a couple years ago, I really LOVED the baguette and always wanted one... so w/ SATC Movie AND the 10th anniversary, what better time to get one?
  10. Does anyone know when they're going to hit the boutiques?
  11. ^ Cool! The fact that they are leather makes them more appealing somehow.
  12. Thanks for the info! I'm so happy to know they are leather and not fabric.
  13. ^ actually, that is bad. LOL now i am actually considering getting one. OH NO!!!! :lol:
  14. It's a great price for an all-leather bag! Bergdorf's has black, silver, and fuschia:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]