2008 bags?

  1. Do we have photos yet of the new s/s '08 bags, i.e colors that will be featured or new styles? :flowers:

    I'm trying to be good (still haven't purchased the studded hobo!) but I love eye candy!
  2. ^Yes, if you do a quick search, you`ll find plenty of pics and descriptions!
  3. ^^I did a search and I didn't find a thread that was titled just about new 2008 bags. :p If you have a link to the 2008 thread - please share!
  4. Lots of pastels, light pinks, light blues, light greens and pale yellows, here are some pics that I have..
    pink swirl bv.jpg ss1.jpg ss4.jpg ss7.jpg ss8.jpg
  5. more pics...
    ss9.jpg ss10.jpg ss11.jpg ss13.jpg ss14.jpg