2008 Agenda

  1. Just wondering when they are out?
  2. Should be soon, if not already.
  3. I checked at Holt Renfew and the sales rep is clueless so maybe I wait til banff meet. Thanks Karman.
  4. Everything arrives late in Canada. It should be out by the time of the meet; it shouldn't be that long.
  5. Why do you need it so urgently though? There's still 3 more months before 2008! I'm sure it'll be on sale certainly before mid-November in time for CHristmas shopping.
  6. Should be out in the next few weeks.
  7. They are out, I bought mine last night.
  8. They are out. I was in the edmonton store and say them.
  9. They are in my store too!
  10. I wish I could use LV inserts. They only have the tiny 2 pages/week refills for the medium and that is in no way enough for an engineering student...so I went and ordered the Filofax inserts instead, which work great :biggrin:
  11. The SA told me they won't be out until October.
  12. Question: Does the inserts come with the Agenda when you buy it new or should I consider another type of insert. Any recommendations?
  13. No they are extra.
  14. They have a bunch of info on inserts and stuff in the agenda club thread... but they're several inserts you can get for an LV agenda. I'd check that thread out :smile:
  15. I got mine last week on Sept 8, so they should definitely be out by now