2008/2009 Chanel Watch electronics catalogue

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  1. i enjoyed that,but must look again,makes you want too much
  2. Thanks for sharing :drool:
  3. Thanks for sharing. I do like the look of the black with the yellow gold.
  4. I saw the white ceramic with diamond bezel and diamond face in the Saks catalog. I was stunned at the price! 33mm for $43,000!!!
  5. ^yes, but it is beautiful- I can always dream..
  6. i stopped looking halfway because i started to get tempted lol!
  7. i'm not big j12 fan,prefer the premiere watches.
  8. unstoppable drooling now~
  9. Ouch! I was looking for a smaller size J12 (smaller than 38mm) and now I see that there is a 33mm. Of course, I had to pick something more expensive :faint: Does anyone know if Chanel offers a 33mm size in the white ceramic with diamond markers?

  10. they are totally gorgeous ya.. i am always trying to avoid the temptation cause i really want to get a rolex as a gift for my grad.
  11. Thank you!