2007 Year of Dance Limited Edition Key Chain

  1. It seems that other than the dancing carousel horse cadena, there will also be a silver key chain that is a limited edition. My store hasn't received the cadena, let alone the key chain.

    Hope the privileged ladies who have bought the key chain can post pictures of it. Thank you very much. :flowers:
  2. Thanks for the info Mrs. S!
  3. mrssparkles, thanks for the info!
    would love to see it.
    i have to bring my birkin in to madison avenue
    so claude can perform cosmetic surgery on a torn pocket,
    and will inquire about the key chain.
  4. I just read this post. Are they only making it in silver? I have to ask about this, I am on a hunt for keychains.
  5. Wow! Thanks MrsS for the info! I really want to see the silver keychain :smile:
  6. Can't wait to see them!
  7. yes, would love to see them!!
  8. Still waiting for a pic. ANyone???
  9. Hmmm I'm also scouting around for a pic...looks like will have to wait for a lucky member here to post pics. Can't wait!
  10. Old thread but I thought I will post a picture of it to share anyway:

    Porte Cles Quadrille (2007 Edition Limitee) Argent
    DSC03574 tPF.jpg DSC03575 tPF.jpg
  11. Here is mine. I love it.
    dancing horse.jpg birkin.jpg
  12. Thank you so much for posting Queenie! That is my absolute favorite!! So of course it´s limited!
  13. Beautifil Queenie and Joy....
    thanks for posting
  14. Thanks Queenie:tup:
  15. I love it on your Tangerine ostrich, Queenie! Did you note the number engraved on the bottom of the keychain? :wlae: