2007 Year in Review-What did you buy?


Year in Review: What did you get in 2007?

  1. Medium Veneta

  2. Large Veneta

  3. Pyramid

  4. Sloane

  5. Cabat

  6. Montaigne

  7. Ball (new or old)

  8. Clutch

  9. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have to admit I love polls! So what was the damage this year? And for those with no willpower you can vote for more than one bag!
  2. Bought my first BV, my ferro sloane.
  3. Thanks for voting mundodabolsa-let's keep them coming.
  4. I "discovered" BV this year and went a bit mad...... :shame:

    I bought a Large Veneta, two Sloanes and a Double Flap and a Ball! Eeeek! I had to rationalise a bit and now I feel I have the perfect BV collection - Ball in Black, Sloane in Noce and the Flap (is that the official name?) in Ebano :love:

    My target for 2008 is a Cabat! :graucho:

    You haven't told us what you got NWpurselover?;)
  5. :crybaby:can't believe campana my love is not in the poll...:blah:
    but seriously, I bought my first BV, ebano campana. I shall vote for "others".;)
  6. Mid- I am so sorry! I left out your favorite-thanks for putting it in others.
    Balchfen, so far a large carmino veneta and a magnolia medium veneta but there might be one more surprise left if it comes this year.
  7. I got my first BV, a tote (no specific name- poor thing!) and on Monday, my SA`s mailing me pictures of a Noce messenger bag on sale, supposedly very tempting!
  8. :nuts: Could it be....???? :woohoo:
  9. ^^ woohoo, what could it be...????
  10. The ability to vote for multiple DIFFERENT styles is great for those whose BV obsession/lack of willpower exhibited itself as a need to buy a number of different bags - but what about those like me who bought multiples of the SAME bag?! I voted once for the Montaigne but really it should be four of them!!
  11. Bought my first BVs this year .... and then had a hard time stopping: the maxi Veneta with the studs, the club stripe Montaigne, a woven zip wallet, the python wallet, the Roma (um.... seeing it enumerated like that is probably not a good thing!!!) And a woven cosmetics bag I bought on eBay that's on its way....

  12. I also took the plunge this year: first a limo medium veneta, then an 'iron' bag in ebano (which my sister has generously helped herself to and has every intention of bringing this back with her), an ebano campana (the most used/abused), a nero iron bag and a couple of belts..now that my inventory has been reduced to 3 bags it doesn't seem so bad :sweatdrop: although i did get them all in a span of about 4 months (oops)
  13. I finally got my Large Veneta in Ebano!! :yes:
  14. woo C_24, a Noce messenger bag on sale:nuts:, soooo tempting indeed.

    BookerMoose, we all know very well you are the Montaigune Queen!!;) I would have gladly voted one for you had I seen your post before I did my vote.
  15. 2007 was definitely a BV year for me. I went from getting a Coach bag in 2005, a Miu Miu tote in 2006, and 4 BV bags in 2007!! A magnolia baby bag was my first dip into BV waters which led to my limo campana, and of course I couldn't miss out on something carmino (mini tote) and something ferro (roma)! And I'm not even counting the extras, like my ebano flap cosmetic case, ottone/pink wallet, ferro ballet flats, and poudre pompei sandals...Yikes!

    In the words of my DH, "this is getting a bit out of hand, isn't it?"