2007 Winter Holiday collection??

  1. Does anybody know yet what the colors will be for
    the 2007 Winter Holidays??
    Any metallics coming back??

    I think I have missed that part?! Or did I not?

    Do you ladies know?
    Thanks for any help.:wlae:
  2. I think Incoralblue mentioned these a while back, but I don't remember... Help everyone, pick your brains!!! What is coming for Holiday????
  3. What? They have holiday bags? :graucho: My, oh my! What have I gotten myself into? I though I was safe until the s/s come out, or until I get onto a waiting list. Just when you thought it was safe to look at bags again.....:nuts:
  4. theyre doing the multi-colored suede bags with pewter GH. I think one of the color combos was cream suede and steel leather trim, or olive and steel? I dont remember those too well...
  5. All with leather trim:

    Tweed, wool, suede (very fine suede)...all with Giant Gunmetal hardware. (City, Brief, Work)

    Also, Giant Coin Purses and money wallet (also with Gunmetal GH).

    Tufted Wool muff bag (also, Gunmetal GH)

    No news of metallics.
  6. I think that Realdealcollection posted some photos last week?
  7. Yes they do, its nice though but needs high maintenance since they are suede :sad:
  8. :pThanks for that small report.
    I will stick to the plan to buy something in 2008.:p
  9. Coin purses wiht gunmetal HW sounds like a must have!!
  10. Is the gunmetal hardware like the kind that was on the LE ones from NM? Sounds great!
  11. Yes, exactly like Neiman Marcus' anniversary piece.
  12. ICB: DO you have any pics of what the tweed looks like? TIA
  13. Unfortunately, I do not. I only saw photos of it...I remember it was a gray/black tweed with a darker rusty red trim.
  14. I guess i'm safe (for the time being)!