2007 Winding Down!!! Show Me Ur Best Purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Mine is THIS one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ******Chanel Metallic Black 228 Reissue!!!!!*********
  2. I purchased a bit too much in 07, but think this is my favourite. Here she is my Mirage Speedy with her matching bandeau.

    BTW, Alaska your Chanel is hot!
  3. It's nothing super expensive like your bags, but I love her!

    Coach Signature Stripe Tote in brown/bronze with Apple keyfob. This bag is GORGEOUS!!!

    (pardon my messy bed)
  4. Here is one of my best purchases of the year as I really wanted to get it for awhile and finally got it for less than half price!! It's super sexy!
    lamb1.jpg lamb open.jpg
  5. I too, bought WAY TOO MUCH in '07. But I think I am pretty satisfied with my collection....I have some really great bags that fit my style. But hands down this was my best purchase of '07, one of my HG bags....LV Mono Riveting. I have carried her non-stop since I got her! :girlsigh:

    By the way, ladies all those bags are beautiful!
  6. My lovely Neverfull PM. I've only had her for a couple of months, and she has a beautiful patina now. Here are the pics I took when she was brand new (and very pale!).


  7. oo i like that! is that a l.a.m.b. bag??
  8. Just received this today!


  9. Yes it is! I really love it , i just got the this month!
  10. My favorite purchase this year was my Prada Cervo Satchel in Natural.

  11. i love your prada ladysalesrep!
  12. All of my recent "luxury" goods purchases are posted in my blog (link below). I'd definitely have to say though that my favorite is my Chanel white jumbo. It's just so pristine and classic!

  13. Ladies!! Your bags are soooooooooo :drool: !!!! :heart: I love them all!!
  14. oh God, i can't chose between 2 that i love the most.
    the 1st opt is my chanel original coco cabas in a very distressed black caviar leather, i got this in early 07 and been using it a lot ever since.
    and 2nd opt is my LV neverfull GM Murakami collection, so excited to get this because it ca only be purchased in LA and i'm nowhere near US LOL, so i have to buy it from eBay but the price worth the bagm it's sooo beautiful and i can see myself using it for a looooong time

    so i guess i have to say that my best purchase is the neverfull murakami, look how happy it is with the other murakami family :p
  15. LV Onatah Cuir GM :tup::love:

    Onatah GM.jpg