2007 White Croc Bag

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  1. [​IMG]

    Does anyone know the price? Thank you so much~~~~~~~~
  2. Can we have a drum roll......as someone gives us the price on this beauty?:drool:
  3. I just saw this from iluvchanel's post.
  4. My guess would be in the tens of thousands since it has a diamond encrusted closure.
  5. ^^^^^:true:

    Especially considering what a "plain ole" flap bag goes for these days....
  6. yes, croc, diamonds and white gold...and its chanel!

    owie! on the price, but oh-so lovely!!
  7. [​IMG]

    Are they the same croc bag?

    I know if it is a croc Birkin with diamonds from Hermes, at least costs $50,000.

    I hope the price will not be that high.

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  8. Some of the crocs are over $36,000. This would probably be more?
  9. OMG that bag is 2die4 ... I seriously need to hit the lotto!!!!!!!!!
  10. From what I know so far, this is not real croc leather. That's why it's call croco coco something. For sure CC is made out of diamond & white gold!
  11. What's the leather? Thank you.
  12. Wow. What a stunner!
  13. If it is the coco croco, then it is made out of fabric. The white looks fantastic.
  14. Also, aren't there some bags besides the Coco crocos that are leather, but sort of "crackled" to resemble croc?
  15. gorgeous!