2007 - What's the $$$-damage so far ....

  1. Okay, it's 1st October today - 1 more quarter to 2008.

    Anyone care to total up the amount you have spent on handbags this year alone? I know some of you would have to reveal a startling figure - by all means let us know and we promise we would not deem you as boasting, fair enough?

    For those who is revealing a low sum for whatever reasons, do tell us how you managed to discipline yourself - I want to learn from you.

    So, US$0-dollar to US$100,00O (or over) todate - share with us.

    Oops, I should actually start on mine first..... wait, let me grab a calculator - will report back.
  2. Know something, when I started this thread (out of boredrom actually), I thought it would be terrifying to list out my bag purchases so far as I've refused to run the figure even through my head, feeling oh so guilty.... But surprisingly, now that I've put it down in pen, the total amount was not as scary as I thought (hooray!)....

    My purchases so far for this year is about US$8120 - not too bad considering that a Birkin would have cost more than this!!! (sour grapes me - don't think I would ever get a Birkin!)

    (BV Cocker US$2150 / BV Wallet US$670 / BV Roma US$3350 / Marc Jacob Stam - US$1950.)
  3. ^ I think you have plenty of discipline - 4 bags in a year. I would have spent that in a quarter (3 months)! Actually, US$8,000 would have gotten you a nice Birkin and a H scarf with still some loose change left. ;)

    As for me, I am trying not to go down that route as I know its def way north of US$10k, more like a Birkin and a Kelly? (and that's not counting my shoes). :push:

  4. ^^Yup, I'm with you on that one ms piggy and still three months to go...I started to jot it down but I'm afraid I'm on six figures already. :shame:

    Handbags alone, let's just say I'm close to hitting the $20T mark and still looking for an H, an exotic (perhaps a Nancy Gonzalez?) and my list is still "a work in progress".:p
  5. *gulp* I didn't spend a single cent on bags this yet..a gift doesn't count eh? Not too sure when I get to HKG in Dec..
  6. Ms P, yes, you are right, but I may have the moolah now (no, actually I don't, not at this moment) but I still can't walk in to H and get the ever elusive Birkin on my hands! :crybaby: (I can't trust MYSELF to buy from re-seller/eBay, I don't trust myself to get the deal done properly, too much money at stake!!!)....

    Now, come to think of it, will I be contented with one bag purchase a year - even tho' it's a Birkin? I guess not, cos' the thrill of having a new bag every now and then is just too tempting, and oh, so much fun :yes:!
  7. I really shouldn't count. I will tell you how many bags I have gotten and you guys can do the math...

    1 balenciaga
    1 Goyard
    4 birkins (1 being push present but still "our money"), 1 Lindy--from Hermes
    3 BV (1 cabat, 1 large veneta and 1 medium campana)
    5 Chanels (3 Jumbo Flap and 2 seasonal bags)
    3 LV (2 limited edition, 1 diaper bag)

    I dont want to total up because I am scared to...and I plan on another BV purchase before the year ends....

    oh..my bank account isn't very happy....
  8. ^ *faintz*

    That would be hitting the higher end of mlbags' proposed range in the OP.
  9. Hmmm...Maybe I'll total my BV purchases only.

  10. ^ B, will that be an extra zero with H included? :p
  11. um, I refuse to count so I'll go catabie's route. This was actually a calmed down year for me, I spent more on clothes and shoes actually.

    -Givenchy nightingale
    -Marni balloon bag
    -BV Ferro Sloane
  12. I want to stay in denial as well. So far the damages are:
    Chanel black caviar jumbo
    BV ebano tote
    BV magnolia medium veneta
    BV small cosmetics and wallet
    Balenciaga violet city

    Oh dear! Looks like I will be out for the 4th quarter of the year.
  13. I :heart: this bag in grey. Need to search.

    Oops, not another bag. :noggin:
  14. I can't do this, 2007 has been the worst year possible for purchases, starting with a few balenciaga's, way too many Chanels and 3 new BV's aaaarrrggghhhh! If I total up I will have to leave you girls (and guys!) for GOOD!:crybaby:
  15. Way too much: lots of smaller BV things, plus a classic BV (pre-loved), a tote on sale; 4 Balenciaga coin purses/clutch/wallet and a pre-loved Bbag; Tod's bag; 3 Chanels for myself (2 new), and 3 Chanels for gifts; 2 Kate Spades for gifts; Coach for gift. Can't begin to add it all up, but just the bags are about $11,000.