2007: What Is Your Wishlist This Year?


May 7, 2006
Hi everyone,

I've been AWOL for about a week on vacation (and a week still to go)...but I'm still LV obsessed and thinking about 2007.
What is on your wishlist for this year? Are you definetly getting them all???

For this year I'd like to take care of the following on my wishlist:
- denim patchwork speedy (in grey)
- I'm going to waitlist for the metallic lace speedy in both colors and then see it IRL before buying
- something from the handbags& trunks accessories that are coming out
- graffiti speedy
- cherry blossom papillon & cles
- Damier Azur speedy

And then depending on how the year goes I'd like to grab a couple more things on my wishlist....and maybe some small accessories :smile:


Fill the Giant Pig!
Nov 7, 2006
I have a long wishlist this year, but I will definitely NOT be getting it all!
New red vernis bag
heart accessory
mono dentelle something (have to see irl)
mono petit bucket
damier papillon
Suhali Le Tal or Le Fab (!!!!!)
At most, I will get 2-3 of these this year.
Dec 13, 2006
twiggers, I love your wishlist! you go! I love the grafitti speedy and the lace overlay speedy sounds like it will be so pretty. I would also love to get a damier azure speedy, I will be living vicariously through you this year, lol. I don't get many bags/accessories in the course of a year, so probably only 3 bags in all will make it into my collection. They're in my signature, but I'll reiterate them bec. I love writing them down I'm a little ocd and dig making lists.

First week in March mono speedy 30.
June/July vavin gm (getting this one off ebay)
Oct/Dec sometime then either a mono papillon 30 or a red epi speedy 25(i know you have one, I'm so jealous, lol) whichever I find on ebay at the time. I'll start looking in Oct. my b-day time.
Dec 13, 2006
I have decided to only purchase two LV's per year. I think that my purchases for 2007 will be a BH and a wallet (love the french purse and koala wallet).

I'm a 2 bag a year girl as well, spaced about 6 mos. apart generally. The reason there will be 3 this year is that the mono speedy is practically paid for since I sold my old one and dh is just paying a third of it if I wait till March so of course I'm waiting ;p I love the bh, it's too big for me, but I think it is so pretty. I can't carry off wider bags, they look ridiculous on me.


hold me back, girls
Oct 26, 2006
well, it's setting up like this, im sure i will get a:
mono mini pochette - quite soon
mono mini speedy hl - not quite as soon but maybe a month or so later, unless whoever is bid-warring me on ebay lays off for an auction or 2

trying to get on the waitlist for:
mono dentille bh & pochette
mono vernis red heart

hoping to find 2nd hand:
mono denim neo speedy green
something panda

and my most sought after, the ones that will be bought on sight:
mat in purple and black.

with any luck, you will be seeing a lot of me this year.

happy new year ladies, and many more to you.


Got a handle on it
Nov 2, 2006
I am a 2 bag-a-year gal too. I have 3 kids so I can't splurge on bags as much as I would like to. When I say 2 bags a year...I mean LV's. I usually buy other bags throughout the year....way too many to count. But as far as LV goes (which are my favorite).....it's only 2.....once every 6 mos.


♥ ♥
Mar 12, 2006
these are things i'm getting 100%

damier saleya pm in either azur or normal
mini lin speedy
trompe pochette
monogram dentelle pochette
love tote in satin violet
vernis red heart
the new white patilles key chain thingy (in look book)
white mc pmp

these are things i will have before june.. :smile: after that, we will see... i know that the winter collection is going to be hot, so i'm waiting for the show. than waitlist ... :smile: