2007 Sunglasses

  1. The spring is fast approaching and I want a new pair of HOT Sunglasses.
    Please post photos of your suggestions.
  2. I don't have pics but I'm really digging the aviator style. I never thought I would until I tried a pair on this week & they actually looked good:nuts: & I have a small face. Thinking of getting an Oliver People's pair.
  3. I have two favorite pairs that I would recommend to anyone.
    My Chanel 5076 mother of pearl logo sunglasses, great for round or square faces..
    and my new pair from Tom Ford, they style is Jennifer, this is the smallest version of Whitney (Angelina rocks them)
    Both sunglasses with wonderful and solid frame but not heavy at all.
  4. bags- those look GREAT on you!
  5. Nice! I have the Chanel 5076 as well, but I am loving those Jennifers!
  6. I tried on a pair of the Jennifers and am in LOVE!
  7. I love my Tom Ford Whitney's!!!:heart:
  8. i just got these marc by marc jacobs aviators:

    i've wanted a pair of aviators for a while, but most of them look really weird on me (interestingly, i can wear almost ANY large, square frames). i tried these on at Nordstrom and almost jumped for joy - they looked great immediately. best part is that they were only $90. i'd recommend taking a look at marc by marc jacobs sunglasses for anyone! they're all that price!

    i also have a pair of gucci large, square plastic frames from last summer that i still wear almost all the time. i think they've been discontinued, which is a pity. they're perfect on my face, as are most guccis. but i like the mmj aviators better than theirs!

  9. I have the Chanel 5076 mother of pearl logo sunglasses, and I abslutely LOVE THEM!!!!!!
  10. Wow!! Those look HOT!
  11. The Chanel style looks great on you. I tried on a pair about a year ago and did not like the way they looked on me. Because I like larger style, will have to try again yours look large.
  12. saw these on eBay kind of nice[​IMG]
  13. I want a cool new pair of Aviator, I started to weat them years ago
    when only guys were sporting Ray Ban's

    Love This pair

  14. Oh I love those too... While searching for a pair, I noticed that Ray Ban has come out with the "New Aviator". Kind of a more modern take on the classic Aviator.
  15. Love the Tom Ford Jennifers!!