2007 Spring

  1. This is a picture only reference to highlight the colors from the 2007 Spring Balenciaga Collection. This collection features giant raised gold hardware, and the traditional raised brass hardware. This collection also has a "V" tag.
  2. 2007 Sandstone Giant Work
    2007 Sandstone Giant Day Bag
    2007 Sandstone Work
    IMG_2703.jpg sandstone.jpg IMG_0243.jpg
  3. 2007 Blue Glacier Classiques (or First)
    Glacier Blue.jpg attachment.php.jpg
  4. 2007 Aquamarine Giant Work
    2007 Aquamarine Work
    2007 Aquamarine First
    BalenciagaAquamarineGiantWork.jpg aquamarinework.jpg aquamarine.jpg
  5. 2007 Anthracite Giant Work
    2007 Anthracite Work
    2007 Anthracite First
    IMG_1865-1.jpg IMG_1620.jpg anthracite.jpg
  6. Sandstone Twiggy

  7. 2007 Sandstone GGH Flat Clutch