2007 Sac Class Rabat

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  1. Hello everyone :smile: my first time posting here. I bought this handbag at Neiman Marcus last weekend (and finally learned how to post pic here lol). I'm not sure if any of you have this yet, but I was told that this bag just came out recently. Those pockets in front & back are removable. This is about $2800 w/tax and I'm really lovin' it :P
    So, tell me what you think? :yes:

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  2. I almost bought this one! I love it! So verstatile!! Congrats!
  3. I like that!
  4. Oh! I understand why you love her--beautiful! Congrats!!
  5. This bag looks so roomy! It's not my style but I do feel happy for your new purchase!! Enjoy!! :yahoo:
  6. congrats.... it is cute....
    how exactly are the pockets attached to the bag?
  7. How big is it? What does it look like without the pockets? Does it look like something is missing, does it look better or does it look just as good?
  8. how convenient that you can take the pockets out! u can use it for the every day and it'll still look classy for a night out.
  9. Come to mommy!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG...How have I never seen this beauty?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WANT IT!
  10. That's an interesting style, I'd love to see it in person. Also I'd love to see pictures of it with out the pockets.
  11. It's so cute!
  12. Hello again! and thx for everyone's response :smile: Here's one of the pocket out just to give you an idea how it looks and I'll get back w/the measurement tomorrow since I don't know myself! loll I can't find anything at home to measure it with! haha sorry :P I'm on my way out to go to Fashion Island Mall now in Newport.

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  13. ^WOW! HOW COOL! I soooooooooo want this bag!
  14. It's like a Chanel Cargo BAg! It's a really cool, and very different for Chanel, design!
    I wonder what Ligne that's from{?}
    I haven't fondled Chanel merchandise in a couple of months :cry:
    Trying to stay away :sad:
  15. What a unique bag! I'm going to check it out... if there are still any around. I was at the Boutique today and didn't see it.