2007 s/s MJ stam

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  1. beautiful color for MJ stam~~

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  2. Mmmm..i am HUGE fan of the stam but im not sure about the blue colour.

    I do love the new stams. I think its so funky, the triangles. The bronze is gorgeous!
  3. PIC#1: QUILTED CLASSIC Stam in Blue
    Price: $1350USD
    Colors: Black, Ivory, Brown, Green, Blue, Natural

    PIC#2: PATCHWORK Little Stam in Black
    Price: $USD (forgot to get the price)
    Colors: Black, Beige, Slate

    Price: $4000USD
    Colors: Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple

    PIC#4: PATCHWORK METALLIC Stam in Bronze
    Price: $1650USD
    Colors: Bronze, Deep Purple, Blush, Lavender, Silver

    PIC#5: PATCHWORK Stam in Ivory
    Price: $1550USD
    Colors: Black, Ivory, Slate
  4. baglover, do you knoe if they will be making the quilted multipocket that kate moss carries, in the cobalt blue?
  5. ^ Yes, it'll be available in the same colors (except for Green) as QUILTED CLASSIC Stam.

    9.5 x 9 x 5"
    Colors: Black, Ivory, Brown, Blue, Natural
  6. thanks baglover, i know i can always rely on you for answers hahahaha... do u know when the multipocket will b out in stores and also the quilted bowler with the chain?
  7. I am not loving these new stams that have been coming out for fall and resort. They just look like someone sprayed starch on it. They just don't look soft and smushy like they were in previous years. The pythons are the worst of the bunch.
  8. I'm really trying to be a fan of his PATCHWORK line, but I am not feeling MJ's Spring collection.
    I do agree with e that they look very stiff in person. 'Tis a bit disappointing. What's a girl to do? :shrugs:
  9. Beginning of 2007. I didn't write down the groupings and their delivery dates, I'll get those soon.

    Are you interested in the patent (Vernice) or non-patent bowler?

    GATHERING WITH QUILTED Bowler ($1395): Black, Beige, Slate
    GATHERING WITH QUILTED VERNICE Bowler ($1475): Natural, Slate, Nude
  10. I felt the leather of Spring 2007's PATCHWORK styles at the trunk show (held at MJ boutiques), it's soft. I don't know which type of leather is used for that line, but it's completely different from Quilted styles released for Fall '05 to Resort '06.

    I haven't seen Spring 07's Quilted styles, I am not sure how the leather will be.
  11. Very lovely, all of them.
  12. i dont know what its called... on the marc jacobs site it just says bowler... its the ivory coloured one with the gold chain .. style number is C371060
  13. Yup, it's the patent leather. =)

    15.5 x 9 x 6"
    Colors: Natural, Slate, Nude
  14. It's also available in regular (non-patent) quilted leather.

    15.5 x 9.5 x 6"
    Colors: Black, Beige, Slate
  15. thanks baglover! cant wait to see the bag