2007 Question


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Dec 31, 2005
I'd like to get a little info on 2007 classic flap. I was at the Chanel hoping to possibly get a Large or Jumbo Classic flap. And came across a beige, a white, and a black bag. She also showed me a perf.black flap as well stating that it was 2007. Which kinda got me all confused. How does one know which year the colour belongs to, and which new colours are coming out? I've been searching the forum w/no luck, so any help would be appreciated.

AND the reissues does not have the double C's at the twist lock? That's the difference?? Thanks ladies :shame:
A little help:
The reissues do not have the double C turnlock closure, and the chain strap is a different link (the straps on the ones I've seen anyways).
I'm not sure about the other questions, but someone here will know for sure.
Yes I want to know about it too ...searching sometimes is painful...
(type of flap, color, price & size & length of chains) I did find some info., but not entirely. I just happen to like the flap bag, so pls teach me about it...thanks (and thank bobojue brought up this question)
From what I know, the white Chanel price tag can tell you some info about the year and season. Where there is a long code, it might say something about the front like for example, 05A, that would mean the year 2005 and Autumn, since im form the UK.