2007 Price Increases

  1. Happy New Year!

    Have any of you been shopping at Hermes and noticed any price increases that have already been placed on their merchandise? I thought it would be a great little spot here to start posting your finds.
  2. Good morning Kellybag...nothing yet. :oh:
  3. hi

    In Paris a birkin 35 cm in togo it's 5100 euros (instead 4850 Euros) !

    a refill for pen it's now 6 euros instead 5 euros. :roflmfao:
  4. Thanks for the update, SP! :smile:
  5. ^^ Eeps! Good to know! Thanks, SP!!
  6. Scarves have gone up from 250 Euro to 255 Euro.
  7. I do remember the scarves update!

    Just keep them coming as you are out shopping. It really helps others who can't get to a boutique.

  8. omigosh...acccckkk 5100 euros now? :sad:
  9. SP - how much is your Plume Documents? I am in luuuurve with it!
  10. 4450 euros in 2006.
  11. What about crocodile birkin.. size 30?
  12. Thank you SP!
  13. Thanks for the heads-up, SP!
  14. A Swift Karo PM was around $620-630. Not sure if this was new or if the price difference was because it was Swift. :shrugs:
  15. I heard February 1st would be an increase, :sad: .