2007 price increases

  1. is it true that the price of the classic flap in lambskin is going up SIGNIFICANTLY?

  2. I was just at the Chanel boutique and inquired about a bag. He said that the price quoted was in effect only for the "immediate future".
  3. If I heard my SA correctly, she said there will be an 18% price increase. :nuts:

  4. 18%??? :amazed: is this just for lambskin or everyting?
  5. ^18 % ..are you kidding????WTH?
  6. I'm not sure which items will be effected. :s
  7. i know WTH.... it sems huge.....
    anybody else can confirm this? is this the price hike that is supposed to take effect on feb 1?
  8. Holy cow!! Time to stock up NOW if this huge percentage kicks in on Feb 1...if anyone knows, please let us know!
  9. ^^ OMG! Please tell me this isn't true. =(
  10. SCARY!!!

    The cruise reissues were up about 10% from the reissues released for Spring 2006 and that was a huge shock.
  11. Shocked indeed, being in Europe we must pay in Euro. OMG, 1500 EURO at .74 to the dollar = $ 2027. Additional 10%, 150 EURO at .74 = $202. This is not good, not good!!!!!! 18% would push me over the edge.
  12. so--all bags at the trunk show I will go to in Feb are going to be higher, too!
  13. Yah, I hope someone else can confirm whether this is true or not as well?

    As I was asking my SA whether to get the classic flap now or choose something else and get the classic flap in a couple of months... she said, "Oh, you better get it now because I heard there may be an 18% price increase soon" so she couldn't even confirm.

    It didn't even dawn on me that 18% means $287 on a $1595.00 classic flap. :wtf:

    I sure hope it's not true!
  14. wow really?

    someone please confirm..swanky??? you there girl?
  15. Gosh!!! no, please noooooo!!!!!! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: