2007 Pre-Spring

  1. This is a picture only reference to highlight the colors from the 2007 Pre-Spring Balenciaga Collection. This collection is the first offering giant raised gold hardware, and also the traditional raised brass hardware. This collection also has a "V" tag.
  2. 2007 French Blue Cities
    French Blue.jpg IMG_0667.jpg IMG_1181.jpg
  3. 2007 Vert Gazon Work
    2007 Vert Gazon City
    2007 Vert Gazon Firsts
    VGWork2 002.jpg IMG_0651.jpg IMG_1795.jpg vert gazon.jpg
  4. 2007 Truffle City
  5. 2007 Cafe City
    2007 Cafe First
    IMG_1745-1.jpg cafe (coffee).jpg
  6. 2007 Rouge Vermillion City
    2007 Rouge Vermillon Twiggy
    2007 Rouge Vermillion First
    vermillion07city.JPG vermillion07city2.JPG rouge vermillion3.jpg
  7. 2007 Marine Cities
    4ddlz7p.jpg marine (navy).jpg marine city GH.JPG
  8. 2007 Vert D'eau Firsts
    2007 Vert D'eau Day
    015-Copy.jpg vert d'eau (water green).jpg vertdeau018.jpg
  9. 2007 Natural City
    2007 Natural Work
    2007 Natural Twiggy
    Natural.jpg IMG_22222520252822529.jpg NaturalTwiggy.jpg
  10. Vert Gazon GGH City

  11. Marine GGH Hobo

  12. Cafe GGH City