2007 Prada Sample Sale?

  1. It's just about that time, so where the &*%*@ is the sale already? Anybody hear anything?
  2. What?!? When?!? OMG, please say soon and in NYC!!!
  3. Anybody?
  4. The link from the previous two years -- www.pradasamplesale.com -- no longer works. If anyone has any information on how to attend, can you please PM me.
    Thank you.
  5. the link is working. I just signed up for next Tuesday afternoon.
  6. Just registered. Waiting for email confirmation.
  7. speaking of the prada sample sale, has anyone ever actually been to the super notorious, or i guess super secret chanel sample sale? supposedly all current season bags are only $100.
  8. all signed up!! thank you ladies
  9. I wish!

    But I did notice your sig says Cali girl in NYC.

    Me tooooo! :yes:
  10. does anyone have any information on the chanel sale? oh please oh please! ;)
  11. Has anyone been to the sales in the past? How is the selection? I'm not scheduled until Tuesday afternoon. I wonder if there will be anything left.
  12. signed up!
  13. I'm not going until Tuesday afternoon, either. I had to cancel last year, and then couldn't get another appointment. Hopefully I don't have a meeting then!

    I've never been to the Chanel sale. I have a few friends in fashion and even they don't know how to get invited, so I'm really curious to hear if anyone has been and how it was
  14. Just made an appointment too! Thank you so much for posting.

    Has anyone been to this sale in the past? What did you score? How were the prices?
  15. Ok, this person advertising the FAKE chanel is making me sick! Everyone report her!!!!!!!!!!!! It is on almost every thread!!!!!:tdown: