2007 pocket squares

  1. Does H issue new pocket squares every year? Will there be special ones issued to mark the year of the dance? I love their new scarves but would so prefer them in a smaller size.
  2. well hopefully the pocket squares won't look anything like that dang cadena they've come up with......
  3. they do issue new ones, but not necessarily concurrent with the new theme, etc. as i understand it, they wait to see how the scarves do and then consider producing a related pocket square a year or more later if they think there will be interest.
  4. Shopmom, do you not like the 2007 cadena?
  5. BTW...OT (I'm sorry Rose.....one second) ISUS - just bought the Macaron belt like yours and I have to tell you it's fantastic. Love it. Thanks for showing it to us!!!!

    ok....BACK TO TOPIC!!!!
  6. Wait, wait....so Les Toits de Paris might come out in a pochette?????:nuts:

  7. sometimes they just do a 'detail' on the smaller pocket squares, so het, Les toits MAY come in the pochette in full, or MAY come in 'detail', if they decide to do it at all. HH is correct, they come out much later than the actual season that the design is from.
  8. The pochettes often come out a little later than the full-sized scarves in the same design