2007 new designer Chanel handbag !

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  1. last warning, post your fakes again and you'll be banned.
  2. STOP promoting your FAKE website.
  3. ^^ Seriously!
  4. i don't think so .....
  5. You're saying you don't know where to buy it, but then in your signature is the SAME site you put in your post...what gives?
  6. No No No!
  7. :confused1:
  8. uh-oh!
  9. :nospam:
  10. We are very serious seller, assure you that we can have very perfect cooperation,so you don't worry !
  11. someone has to kick her out of tpf.
  12. no,you don't do that
  13. OMG~~Josses ~~U make me sick~~ALL of us on this site...only spends Huge money on Authentic Bag ~~not Replica~~U should go away..this is not a place for u~
  14. :boxing:
  15. I think just ignore her/him

    she's been reported and will be banned soon
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.