2007 Mothers day Thread

  1. Please post here what H or non H items you will be getting or got for this year's Mothers Day.
    DH was not discreet enough and I know mine is in a big yellow box.
  2. My Mother's Day present from my 4 year old. (non-H). He had it behind his back when he came to me and surprised me with it. And said with a very clear voice "Mommy, Happy Mother's Day and I love you". PRICELESS.
  3. Yellow box? Fendi? :confused1:
  4. My 4 year old came back with a card the teacher in school helped them make. He handed it to me and said, "Mummy, Happy Valentine's Day." I smiled at him and it took him a while before he said again, "Oh no no, Happy Mother's Day." :smile:
  5. ...Orange box...obviously colour blind!
  6. A flatish, orange box with brown ribbon tied around it sits on my diningroom table waiting for Sunday.......the little card attached has a small paw print on it........

    I think Muffins been at it again.
  7. LOL, Tricia. Later in the evening when my DS mentioned the card to his friends, he did say he made his mother a Happy Valetine's Day card :roflmfao:

  8. Yours too? Oh, they're so cute, aren't they?
  9. Well, today I kicked off mother's day a little early by doing something in honor of my mom who passed away two years ago! No tears, this was all about doing something fun, something that she always did with me as a child, and it is one of my most favorite things! I left the house with no makeup, my hair undone (Seriously, this is a first), and took my son, Benjamin, to go feed the ducks at the lake where I grew up! We had the BEST time!!! And for my reward, I was adorned with hugs and kisses and my almost 2 year old son telling me that "loves mommy" and "ducks fun". That was enough for me!!! Of course, the black and white bolduc twilly that I bought myself for him to give me wasn't bad either:p
  10. jag, that is such a sweet story.
    this is my 4 yr old's card. i guess i am hugging her. i asked her what happened to my hair and she told me "it got messed up."
    M Day card -10001.JPG M Day card -20001.JPG
  11. Awww...what cute stories...thanks for sharing...I wanna be a mom now...and I wanna be WITH MY MOM!

    Well, I'm not a human mommy yet but I am a fur-mom to my yorkie. After I cooked her dinner tonight, I sat beside her while I watched her eat and she ate every single kibble, pea and celery...in the end, she threw me 1 single pea! I don't know if it's really for me or not but I thanked her for wanting to share and gave it back to her to eat....LOL
  12. Such adorable stories!
    Jag, what a lovely outing. My 2 year old also adores ducks and now that the weather is nice we've been going everyday to see them at our park. She always asks to see the "ga-ga"--her version of quacking.

    Well for only the second time in our marriage (I usually just buy an H bag or give super clear hints), DH beat me to the punch (sort of...I have a little something due to arrive within 3 months) and presented me with a white wrapped box with Cartier red wax seals on them. A Tank Francaise, but it's not quite complete; he knew I was looking for a watch with a red leather band so a red croc strap is on order and will arrive in a few weeks or so. Very happily surprised.
  13. ^^ Your DH is awesome, orchids!
  14. Thanks MrsS...I have to agree...he just took care of our DD for nine days while I was in Paris...that was gift enough for me!
  15. DH and my 14 month old son are letting me pick out a little something at hermes. i'm thinking either a bottle of rose ikebana or pink berries plisse. my mother-in-law agreed to babysit for three hours so DH and i can go on a "date" (first long stretch). i'm happy because DH and i can shop at hermes together (instead of DH and my baby outside while i am rushed to look at the things i want). DH used to be a good shopping buddy for me. i'm looking forward to the day my boy will be my shopping buddy!

    i was also promised breakfast in bed. excited because i've never had breakfast in bed before!